Permanent Whitening

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Male, age 45, Cigars smoker, Unhappy with his teeth discoloration. Suffer from occasion pains in left lower bridge.
Pay attention to the lower bridge (arrow) and its relatively lighter color:


Treatment Plan :

 Bonding of 16 Lumineers (Porcelain Veneers) without grinding and later on replacing the bridge with crowns and bridge over implants.
3 weeks after impressions were taken, the Lumineers were bonded, first the uppers :
The difference between uppers and lowers is easily visible and the remaining of the bonding materials.
After cleaning the uppers looked even better :
And in the end :
Again you can see the lower bridge (arrow) and its color compared with the rest of teeth.

    Before and after pictures :

uub.jpg   uaaaf.jpg
Later on, 2 more Lumineers were bonded to upper molars that were seen in deep smiles