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Tooth-colored restorations (white fillings)

Unlike the silver fillings amalgam alloy called, with different groups of metals, which previously filled tooth cavities caused by caries; more than a decade, it is customary to restore these spaces using advanced materials, most light mines complex materials, colors adapted to the tooth color.

The benefits of recoveries of these materials multiple: aesthetics Brorhargisot lower temperatures (not contract and expand with changes) less sensitive to changes in pressure (air, dives) not lead (electric currents tiny) infected tooth and restore it (compared amalgam that blocks a hole and create pressure on the walls of the tooth and the fracture ) did not undergo corrosion (oxidation) prepared for loads instantly (you can chew immediately after treatment) do not contain toxic mercury, do not cause allergic reactions and prevent the need to construct a substrate material.

 In light of the above and other health reasons we perform our clinic amalgam restorations from the establishment of the clinic until today. Therefore, many patients turn to me about whether you should replace all the fillings in their mouths tooth-colored restorations. This question becomes more acute in the many cases where we repair the entire front of the mouth, the smile looks "amazing" but suddenly prominent "black fillings" rear parts of the mouth.

The answer is not clear - cut. Consider each case individually and decide on each tooth separately: how it looks with a smile, do not risk replacing the need to restore deep root treatment, whether there is decay on the sides of Recovery Can restore better chewing function is covered by patient provides cause for replacement (pilot, singer , Dispatch)
In addition to these considerations, and perhaps in spite of all, what finally matters is the will of the patient, after receiving all necessary information.

Notes: I did not take their price of white restorations (amalgam high in relation to those) because there is another option for our clinic. "Disadvantage" is added to these reconstructions: the skill of the physician and the types of materials they use this treatment performed, constitute the most important factor in its success.