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Short review about teeth whitening

Without realizing it, one of the first things it meets our gaze into the face of a man is his smile -  lips and teeth.
A man's smile conveys to us  information that our brain translates to age, health and vitality.

Our teeth serve as a window to our personality as well as for chewing. Because of this, we all want straight , healthy and white teeth. Why white?  The look of white teeth is translated in our brains to younger ageyounger age in our minds (like baby teeth) and cleanliness. They also constitute a better contrast highlighting the presence.

What is teeth whitening? This is a chemical process user Bdriwatim of whom - oxygen to make the outer surface of the tooth enamel (enamel) frame Laufaki more and thus "hiding" the interior (dentin), the yellow more and allows the return of increased light which causes the feeling of white paint.
Number of teeth whitening methods can be some of whom are now three categories: immediate white clinic, white brick home and self.
- White Clinic: Dentist gums well isolated, inactive material rubbing on the outer tooth surfaces and activates the material by intense light or laser for a certain time.
- The white home: preparing dental laboratory white braces with an absolute match here patient, patient fills the braces under the provisions of bleach and place them on the teeth for a while for about 10 days.
- Self White: white sets the-counter pharmaceutical chains variance with different directives (spreading, gluing, etc.).
- Another method for whitening teeth is porcelain surface treatments and coatings that allow teeth to correct the color and shape simultaneously. This method is currently the most popular among players and celebrities that unlike in the past can be implemented without preparation or sharpening the teeth so that it actually becoming simultaneously with the regular white effect, without decreasing the intensity of bleaching.

Immediate whitning Domestic whitning Self Whitning
Very expensive Expensive Relatively cheap
Fast (up to 1 hour to sit) 10 days (30 minutes per day) 2 weeks
Good results Good results Un satisfactory results
Medium term lasting Long term lasting Short term lasting
מצריכה חיזוק עם סד ביתי או חזרה על התהליך מצריכה חיזוק עם הסד הקיים Requires repeated
Relatively high risk of injury to the gums Very low risk Very low risk
Tooth sensitivity after treatment Usually there is no sensitive Depends on type of material
Requires a physician's skill (protect רקמה) Requires basic skills of technicians Knowlage of reading the instructions
Limited patient control on obtained full color Full control of the patient on the received color Full patient control

In summary, if you have unlimited time, best to avoid quick white. If you want them to stick with good results long term, it is advisable to avoid self method. If you are interested in ultimate laundering also improve dental defects (shape, spacing) and do not fear higher costs, best results will be by coating the teeth.