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Hollywood smile in Israel

How many times we watched TV or movie screen, and we marveled by the sight of the player perfect smile: white, neat and bright and we thought to ourselves, how we want a Hollywood smile like this - "a million dollar smile".
Apparently the price was low in several orders of magnitude, does not involve a flight to LA (maximum is to travel Ramat Aviv Gimel), is painless and can be completed in two sessions!
Dr. Amir Hadar, an interdisciplinary private practice in Ramat Aviv Gimmel cosmetic dentistry, explains that deals with all its facets: obtaining a perfect smile involves the integration of several types of treatment: whitening teeth, tooth alignment while closing spaces, repair location and biases, aesthetic corrections of the teeth achieve symmetry and ideal relationship.

Such treatments can take years and involve multiple meetings and not particularly pleasant. For many years there is one treatment that can meet all these needs best - smiling visibility teeth coating, using porcelain veneers or in one word: Laminates.

Using these coatings can get excellent results by the number of individual meetings. This method has several disadvantages: it does not provide an answer to all cases, such as old teeth with large restorations or crowns of old and damaged and involves a sharpened the teeth of the outer side turns to avoid it sticking out towards the lip after pasting the coating.

To overcome the shortcomings of the method, invented by American Cerinate porcelain company special, patented, which due to its characteristics: great strength, flexibility similar to that of the tooth and its aesthetics, allows the creation of such a thin porcelain coating, up to 0.2 mm - Thickness of lens , which can glue them to a tooth, or crown restoration Old Chisel b_lumineer.jpg without prior notice. These coatings - the hallmark of Hollywood players, called Lumineers and prevalence worldwide has grown at a dizzying pace. b_lumineer

The Lunineers came to Israel that Hollywood smile can be secured in a short time, painless and relatively affordable cost.
The advantages of Lumineers are clear: You can do them almost every case that infected the restorations and crowns are old and damaged. Shade where you pick a saved forever texture teeth shiny and smooth do not need anesthesia (that does not sharpen the tooth) is not necessary preparation of recovery time (that does not sharpen the tooth) is not caused sensitivities (not sharpening their teeth) reversible method (that does not sharpen the tooth) are needed only two sessions (sessions may be added prior to imaging of the final result) can demonstrate the final result before pasting. In addition, the company provides warranty on the product and research-proven method about 20 years. All coatings are manufactured in laboratories company in California. (Thus, the entire treatment length about three weeks)