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Our staff attends the most important professional meetings and showcases around the world We use the most recent materials technologies and methods backed up by research:

Sapphire - using the most advanced technology - Plasma Arc.

In Office teeth whitening using advanced technology - crystal for minimum side - effects.

Most advanced Digital device for root canal treatment enables us treating the most problematic teeth avoiding hazards.
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The most advanced cordless light cure device in the world using recent LED technology to minimize curing time down to 1 to 3 seconds !!!  
IMG 3761

Electro surger - electronic scallpel for most delicate soft tissue surgeries

IMG 6990

Piezo - advanced applience for hard tissue surgeries

IMG 6992

We refrain from using amalgam fillings.

We use last generation adhesives to avoid post-operative over-sensitivity.

We use zircone crowns or all-ceramic.

We are performing the latest cosmetic procedures like Lumineers - The Pain-free Porcelain Veneers , As thin as contact- lense.

Dental X-Rays are digitally taken for minimal exposure (90% less) using combined latest technologies, enabling both the Doctor and his patients to watch the results on same screen.

We harnest techcnology to our advantages.