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Dental implants are the common replacement for the roots of missing teeth :

.IMG 6981

Dr Hadar had been gaining experience in oral implantology for over 17 years and had inserted thousandsn of implants mastering the skills by particepating in research and surveys and by using the most advanced methods, equipment and materials.

Dr Hadar is an active member in several israeli and international oral implantology associations - ICOI, DGZI, IOAI

In our office we perform all surgical treatments :

Maxilary sinus floor lifts

Bone augmentations

Full mouth to single implantetaions

Delayed to immediate loading

Soft and hard tissues


 Combining Oral Implantology with Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Hadar is among the most experienced dentists combining oral implantology with cosmetic dentistry. Using his vast knoeledge and experience in both field, Dr Hadar insists of gaining best immidiate cosmetic results in the most severe cases without compromising on the qulity

Quality and asthetics can both be achieved :

IMG 3791

H. after undergoing 9 dental implants insertion allows himself a good smile

Dr Hadar is lecturing of his unique therapy approach - One Treatment -Two Smiles - in which during one long meeting, many cosmetic and surgical procedures are performed in order to achieve the best optional cosmetic result and extremely changing the smile.


case 1

 Young woman in need for orthodontic treatment which she refuses.

Left upper lateral incisor is retruded and the right one is hidden in the palate due to severe lack of space

IMG 6854

Photo taken from below


In one appointment 2 teeth were extracted, one implant was inserted in labial position, bone was augmented and filled, minor cosmetic changes were performed to adjucent teeth ant to lower teeth as well, canine was treated to apear like incisorand a temporary esthetic crown was fitted to the implant :

IMG 6916IMG 6854


case 2

Young lady in mid late 20's needs immidiate improvement in her smile.

Two upper canines are protruded and rotated, upper left lateral incisor is in cross-bite and hardly can be noticed :

IMG 6787

In one appointment the lateral was extracted, an implant was labialy inserted and bone was added and filled, all upper front teeth were prepaired for lumineers bonding, impressions were taken and  an esthetic temporary crown was fitted to the implant


The two smiles in 75 minutes gap :

IMG 6787IMG 6878