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In order to achieve best results, we do not spare time or money.

Cleanliness and sterility are paramount in dental treatment. Entering our Office, you will immediately see that we are quite serious about maintaining a sanitary, hygienic environment.

Every instrument and device used in our office is either sterilized in a steam autoclave or disposable after one use. We use hospital grade solutions to disinfect all treatment surfaces after each procedure.
We use the best and most expensive equipment and materials.

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Our cases are sent to the best labs and studios in Israel and abroad. Some are sent as far as California to allow our patients to enjoy having "Hollywood Smiles".

Best evidence to our treatments quality is our patients' content - they keep returning and recommend us to their dearest.


T. , in her mid 60's is a good example for our quality.

Her great smile,

10 years after full mouth restoration - 8 teeth extractions, 18 implants drilled and one old removable false-teeth thrown to garbage

is still the best it has ever been :

tina 8y

P. , in his mid 60's , had in one day,  the 7 teeth left in his mouth extracted , and 23 implants with 28 crowns replacing them.

That is the look of his smile 7 months later:

IMG 2808

 We believe that our quality is mesured by our patients content.