developmental tooth stains

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 Implants and lumineers

Woman, mid 50's. Good health.
The patient is not satisfied with the color, shape and overlaping of her front teeth. She is also complaining of an old yellow crown and of her removable posterior upper right teeth.
Pre- treatment picture :
Missing teeth are marked with arrow


Treatment Plan:
6 Upper lumineers and 4 Upper rihgt dental implants ot be put in 1st stage.
10 more lumuneers to be bonded on lower teeth in 2nd stage.

Picture after completing upper teeth treatment (about 6 months from begining) :

crowns over implants were matched to lumineers (arrow),
notice the minor preparation of lowers to avoid overlaping.

Post treatment picture:

Lumineers color was chosen by the patient to match her wish for permanent whitening.

Before and after pictures:
img_2039s.jpg  img_2674sa.jpg

Before and after smiles pictures:
img_2025sa.jpg  img_2678s.jpg