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Pre Wedding Dental Care

Due to the fact that many of our patients are attending cosmetic dental care before their wedding day, we had decided to dedicate a special page for the subject.

Luckily, some of those patients had met in our office during their usuall treatments...

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We all like watching our family albums - pictures and other media - nostalgically. We would also like to avoid the embarrassment attached to the look of our poorly treated teeth or our "closed" smiles - trying to conceal them.

Nowadays, couples are taking care of their smiles amongst other events preparations.
Cosmetic Dentistry today, more then ever before allows them to use plenty of treatment options with numerous prices and with schedule matching the remaining time before the event.

Short review of the treatment options by timetables :


2-3 Years prior to event :
Those who know of the event in advance and suffer from severe problems of teeth alignment , crowding or spacing, can go through massive orthodontic treatment.

10-18 Months prior to event :
This period of time is suitable for complete mouth restoration - restoring missing teeth with dental implants, crowns and bridges. It is also long enough for minor orthodontic treatment.

4-6 Months prior to event :
Time for final restorations - replacing non-esthetic crowns or making new ones, replacing old fillings with esthetic restorations. Aesthetic changes in soft tissues using Laser or Electrosurgery. Thorough Periodontal treatment. Best time to begin (for those who don't practice it regularly) scaling and root planing sessions including Oral Hygiene instructions.

1-2 Months prior to event :
Time to fix every aesthetic problem that was not treated yet. Closure of gaps and spacings using Lumineers or Composites. Home teeth whitening. Replacing old bad crowns and fillings with white and new ones. Maintaining healthy gums by daily care is most important at that time.

1-2 weeks prior to event :
Time to complete Prosthetic restorations - cementing permanent crowns, on-lays and bridges. Fixing esthetic problems using composites. Replacing old fillings with white restorations. Home or in-office teeth whitening. Stress is beginning to show , therefore, it becomes crucial to perform perfect oral hygiene.

Days before event :
Last aesthetic treatments using composites in the office. In-office teeth whitening. last appointment with hygienist and teeth polish.

Day of Event :
Wear Biiiiiig permanent smile...


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  REM 7618


Congratulations!!! (:   


* The above article is applicable to every other prearranged event in which the oral aesthetics play major role.

 * We do special discounts on all treatments for pre- marriage couples.