Gum Improvment

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Performed by different instruments (Laser, electronic cutting machine or any other way) as adjuvant therapy or cosmetic dental treatment
For example: removing black spots above  old crowns

These spots, called "Amalgam Tattoo" generated due to uncontrolled grinding of teeth with metal restorations. Penetration of the metal chips into the gums creates a black tattoo in the gums.
Shortly after removing the stains using electrosurger, new crowns can be performed with a final healing of the gums.

Another example:
Lateral incisor apears to be small in all dimentions and outside the arch.
Mini surgery of the gums above the tooth exposes more tooth material which allows the bonding of correct sized lumineer and the to achieve perfect smile arch.
ortsb   ortsa

another example:

IMG 5065

small, trotated and colored lateral incisor

IMG 5071

mini surgery fixes the gums appearance   : 

A lumineer bonded to the tooth brings back the natural look
IMG 5185

One of the things that distinguish cosmetic dentistry is a relatively short time in which one would expect to see changes.
Indeed, cosmetic practitioners are  trying their best to make significant changes that can be seen in the shortest time possible, and use of temporary restorations during the periods of the treatment  avoiding situations in which the patient is exposed to aesthetic problems at times between treatments.